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Chiara and Raffaella came from Italy to Los Angeles to develop a new concept of a dog daycare that is committed to providing top quality care services. Stardogs was designed specifically to emphasize a healthy lifestyle and relaxing environment for all dogs. Chiara brings her knowledge in Veterinary medicine and Dog Training, while Raffaella brings her desire to create a unique place for your beloved dogs. Both are unconditionally driven by their love for animals. 

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High standards of dog care at the happy and healthy Clubhouse for dogs

Stardogs is your dog’s premium Clubhouse when you are away from home, or simply want your fur-baby to have a happy day. We offer high standards of dog care services in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas. We believe in a healthy lifestyle for your pet and we do our best to make every day special for all the dogs under our care. You can always be sure that your little one is in good hands, treated and pampered as we do with our own fur friends.

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Chiara Dolzani was born in Trento, a small town in Northern Italy. She graduated in Veterinary Medicine Science and opened her own Veterinary Clinic in Trento.  Since she was a child, she has been deeply passionate about helping animals recover and live a healthy life. Her deep love for pets comes from her loving and thoughtful mother and grandfather. After several years, she moved to Rome, the capital of Italy, to embark on a new adventure for herself. In Rome, Chiara worked as a Freelance Veterinarian offering in-home veterinary visits to famous Italian dogs’ owners. She also worked for a famous Veterinary Clinic as Anesthesiologist and took part in a innovative project as Dermatologist, teaching to groomers all over Italy, the Ozone Water Therapy to treat the skin, joints and coat of dogs. Last but not least, she started her Dog Training career and she realized her dream of working with dogs on movie sets. 

At Stardogs, Chiara personally takes care of the dogs, making sure they are always healthy, safe and happy. She loves creating a special relationship with customers and being helpful with tips for their dogs. As a Dog Trainer she offers private lessons, puppy school, basic obedience, behavior correction and tricks.

Chiara Dolzani

Dog trainer on movie sets

Chiara attended the Dog Training Class at the most famous Italian dog center in Rome (Indiana Kayowa).  She worked on Italian movie sets, TV shows and famous commercial spots together with her trained dog, a funny actor named “Paco”. 

Chiara Dolzani

Dog dermatologist

 Chiara taught Dog Dermatology and Ozone Therapy collaborating with a prestigious Italian Dog Groomer Center (Toelettatura Moderna). They introduced the use of ozone water for dogs in Italy. She has been using the Ozone therapy on dogs for the last five years, with outstanding results!

Chiara Dolzani

Writer for dog behavior

While in Italy Chiara released interviews as an expert Veterinarian and Dog Behaviorist on many TV programs thanks to her intensive knowledge of dog’s minds. She also writes articles for several Italian Magazines about pet health, sharing medical advice for dog owners.

Paco is a famous dog actor in Italy. He appears on movies and famous Italian commercials ( “Sky” and “Uliveto” commercials with the internationally acclaimed Italian soccer player “Alex Del Piero”).


Raffaella Ferro graduated with a degree in Marketing and Communications, then spent several years working for well-known brands, traveling throughout Italy. She is excited about new adventures and experiences abroad. Her love for dogs and the ambition to create a unique dog daycare has been the driving motivation that has brought Raffaella on the long journey from Italy to Los Angeles with Chiara, Paco and her dog Nina. Raffaella loves cooking, traveling and painting, especially portraits of dogs.

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