Like a child, a well behaved dog will be able to better manage the reality that surrounds them. Stay, sit, or walk properly on a leash are just some of the skills your fur baby can acquire during our basic obedience classes. According to the need and availability, we offer individual dog training programs, puppy training classes, or at-home dog training lessons.

* Our training services are reserved for our Clubhouse’s members. The school is an add-on activity  to the Club Time. This is because socialization is an important element in a puppy life and  moreover we want the dog feeling comfortable with the surrounding environment. The Trainer will work with your pup during the day while he/she is at Stardogs, giving him/her breaks during the day. It’s important to learn with fun and don’t get the pup stressed during the school.


Intensive school program for puppies (Club Time + Basic Obedience)

Advanced Custom school program (Club Time + Tricks)

Private training lessons at Stardogs

Private in-home training lessons


Turn your dog into the life of the party as he/she will learn incredible tricks made to entertain and awe onlookers everywhere! Our dog tricks training is based on positive reinforcement as we prefer to use games or a clicker, depending on the situation, to teach the dog the right behavioral skills. The trick classes allow dogs to feel confident, use their head, discharge extra energy and become aware of all their abilities. It is a very useful activity, both in puppies and adult dogs, because it provides your dog with a mental challenge. Our expert teachers are able to show new tricks and actions according to the predisposition of each specific dog.

In the engaging training sessions, your dog learns how to become an absolute star. They will learn all the classics such as ‘bark’, ‘lie on the side’, ‘roll’, ‘take’, ‘bring’ and ‘leave’. If you want to take your dog’s training to the next level, just ask for our special Tricks Training session during the Club Time. Be proud of your little fur babies and turn them into stars!


Puppy School


1 Private lesson / 1 Hour- Starting at


The School service is an add-on to the Club Time. Socialization can be hourly or full day (see prices and packages)

All other services have different prices, according to each specific need.

Come and visit us for a free consultation. Our dog trainer will suggest the most suitable program for your dog.

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